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Introducing Wendy Watson, founder of TBR Spiritual Health

Introducing Wendy Watson, founder of TBR Spiritual Health

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There is a divorce in the US every 30 seconds!  They are stressful, chaotic, emotional, and traumatizing.  First, and foremost, for the couple involved.  Secondly, for any children involved.  Finally, for all other's involved including, but no limited to, friends, relatives, and co-workers or business associates.



Life is hard & unfair!  We can't control it but we can control ourselves and how we respond (not react).  My focus is to help those involved with divorce to overcome the emotional, mental, and energetic trauma using my 5-pillar program: Self Ownership, Self Awareness, Leadership, Trailblazing (for all), and Effective Communication.

I can help!

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